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  Important Aircell News Issue 3 - August 2004  

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Aircell Packages an Appealing ST 3120 Offer

Install a Cordless Handset During DRVSM or TAWS Upgrade

AIN Survey says ... Aircell Support and Service is Good

Iridium Users, Start Your Faxes

Aircell Hires New Marketing Director

Flying with Frontier's Foxy & Friends

Frequently Asked Question about Calling an Aircraft

Aircell Packages an Appealing ST 3120 Offer

MagnaStar owners love the new Aircell ST 3120. You will, too. Add an ST 3120 transceiver to your MagnaStar system and the entire world is finally within reach. Using the unit's dual channels, the ST 3120 provides you with seamless voice and data service, anywhere in the world. The Aircell ST 3120 is an advanced Iridium satellite telecommunication transceiver for MagnaStar C-750 and C-2000 systems. The transceiver provides all types of aircraft with reliable worldwide access, including both air-to-ground and ground-to-air access. Andy Geist, Aircell's Director of Sales, says, "By gaining global Iridium Satcom coverage, your old MagnaStar system benefits from important new features, giving it new life."

What's to love? Besides the impressive new Satcom capability, there's lots more to admire about the ST 3120. Start with calling rates. Aircell calling rates are among the lowest in the industry, lots less than MagnaStar owners are used to paying. Then there's the famous Aircell Customer Service and Technical Support. Got a question? Just give us a call during business hours at +1.303.379.0278. "Adding an ST 3120 to your system is like adding a whole brand new phone system to your aircraft, but without the hassle," continued Andy Geist. "With Aircell's acclaimed service and support, you can count on quick answers. You can also count on convenient calling, wherever you happen to be flying."

Need more reasons to love it? In addition to providing you with inexpensive global communications, the ST 3120 extends your communications capacity. With an ST 3120 on board, your MagnaStar system can now simultaneously use other networks. Besides supporting passenger and crew communications, the ST 3120 allows access to Aircell's service partners - Universal Avionics, Rockwell Collins, and MedAire. Access in-flight services such as weather, news, financial, medical or ATC information and messaging through UniLink, Airshow, and MedLink.

Need today's best reason to love it? Between now and December 31, 2004, Aircell has assembled a complete ST 3120 package, and is offering it at a special price. The package includes an ST 3120 transceiver, 2 MagnaStar Analog Interface Units (AIUs), plus a connector and a mounting tray. Depending on which best fits your aircraft, just add one dual-element antenna, or two single-element antennas, and you're ready to take off. To quickly fall in love with your own ST 3120, contact your Aircell salesperson or dealer today. They can tell you more about the complete package system that Aircell is offering through the end of the year. They can also whisper a sweet price in your ear.

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  • Install a Cordless Handset During DRVSM or TAWS Upgrade
  •   While your aircraft is already on the ground for a DRVSM or TAWS upgrade, why not also upgrade your Aircell equipment? Save a trip, save some downtime, and save some money, too. Labor charges are often lower if your aircraft is already apart. So this would be a great time to upgrade from an older Aircell cellular transceiver to our modern ST 3100 Satcom transceiver with global coverage. Or upgrade to a cordless handset, which gives you untethered freedom throughout the cabin. Our convenient new cordless handset is a modern replacement for the older corded models. We have plenty in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Better yet, if you trade in an existing handset before the end of the year, our Cordless Kickoff promotion can save you $500.00.

    The deadlines for both FAA-mandated programs - DRVSM and TAWS - are getting close. If you haven't already made an appointment to upgrade your aircraft, pick up an Aircell handset and call your dealer now. The U.S. DRVSM (Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums) deadline is January 20, 2005, the same date that Mexico and Canada are planning RVSM implementation. The TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) deadline is March 29, 2005.

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  • AIN Survey says ... Aircell Support and Service is Good
  •   Don't take our word for it. Instead ask our users, who were recently surveyed by Aviation International News (AIN). In their 2004 Product Support Survey, AIN showed Aircell as the highest-rated airborne telecom provider. Aircell users rated service and support as good. Good was the rating across the board - in all 7 categories covering technical support responsiveness; user manuals; parts availability, policies, and cost; aircraft on ground (AOG) response; and warranty coverage. How good is good? "Mary" at Aircell "defines customer service," said Chuck Letizia, maintenance director of a management concern in the Northeast that operates three corporate jets. "I've found none better."

    The annual survey was based on 1,078 valid questionnaires received from 16,157 AIN readers. "The vast majority of comments submitted pertained to avionics support," said the AIN report. "Out of 19 avionics manufacturers that had a sufficient number of responses to qualify them for inclusion in this report, Garmin, Universal and Aircell received the highest scores." Aircell also received similarly high scores in last year's survey. "Aircell's reputation begins with quality products that meet customer needs," Aircell CEO Jack Blumenstein said about the 2004 survey. "That reputation is carried into the field by a sales and marketing team that has built uniquely strong relationships with our dealers and OEMs; it is enhanced by the extraordinarily responsive manufacturing and shipping team, and then the final polish is added by Customer Support - all of which contribute greatly to our reputation for putting the customer first."

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  • Iridium Users, Start Your Faxes
  •   If you're all revved up and ready to start faxing from your Aircell Iridium system, you'll be pleased to know that the Aircell Fax 'n' Go solution is now available. Yes, you can now send and receive faxes from an Iridium system like the Aircell ST 3100. Based on the tiny On-Go uniHub, shown here, you simply connect your fax machine and the power connectors, and you're ready to fax on the go.

    The inexpensive Fax 'n' Go solution is perfect for business or governmental aircraft that need quick, global access to facsimiles. Of course, everything you need is conveniently available through Aircell. The uniHub is only $2,695.00, and the monthly subscription service is just $19.95. You are charged low Aircell rates for Iridium calls when receiving or sending faxes. When sending faxes, you are also charged normal fees for long distance from On-Go's transmission server in the USA to the recipient. As usual, all service and calling charges are conveniently added to your normal Aircell statement. To get off to a quick start with global faxing, contact your Aircell salesperson today.

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  • Aircell Hires New Marketing Director
  •   Welcome aboard, Tom Myers, who recently joined Aircell as its new Director, Marketing. Tom will oversee all corporate communications, advertising, and media relations. Aircell dealers will also be hearing more from him. An aviation industry veteran, Tom is an experienced pilot with a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument & Multi-engine ratings, and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

    Before joining Aircell, Tom most recently was a Senior Account Executive with advertising agency fd2s in Denver, CO. He provided marketing communications services and counsel to the firm's aerospace clients, including Pilatus Business Aircraft, FlightSafety International, Embraer Aircraft, and others. Earlier in his career, he was Director of Marketing for the well known, multi-site service organization, Elliott Aviation.

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  • Flying with Frontier's Foxy & Friends
  •   You've seen Frontier's famous wise-cracking animals on TV. You may even know a few by name: Foxy, Jack the rabbit, Larry the lynx. But did you know that an Aircell system has been flying with them on a Frontier airliner since February? A custom bulkhead-mount cordless handset and transceiver were STC certified and installed near the aft lavatory on a Frontier Airbus A319. Any passenger can swipe a credit card, pick up the handset, then return to their seat for a convenient conversation in flight. The airline gets a new revenue stream, while passengers get the ability to call anywhere in the world - at rates substantially less than those offered by other airlines.

    The Frontier crew, shown above talking on the cordless handset, gets an even bigger benefit. Enter a PIN (personal identification number), then use the phone for any type of operational, dispatch, or maintenance needs. Just like with business aviation use, the Aircell cordless handset can be used outside the plane for preflight maintenance walkarounds. This is especially handy in countries where cellular service isn't available. The Aircell phone can also be a real life-saver. It can be used for any type of in-flight emergency, including medical emergencies. The cabin crew can quickly contact MedAire's MedLink doctors to receive the prompt diagnostic advice and treatment needed to save lives. According to Steve Cutbirth, Aircell's Director of Airline Sales, "The Aircell system is an essential lifeline for the cabin crew, helping them to make the best possible decisions for passenger care. It also helps avoid unnecessary diversions."

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  • Frequently Asked Question about Calling an Aircraft
  •   How come cellular phones sometimes cannot reach an aircraft's Iridium phone? That's one of the questions that comes up frequently, according to Bill Nielson, Aircell's Technical Support Manager. Some questions get asked so often that the Aircell Customer Service and Technical Support team maintains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Web page. "Personal cell phone services often have limitations. These limitations affect regular calls, as well as calls to aircraft," says Bill. "But if know the limitations, and you follow a simple suggestion, you can easily call the aircraft ... and save some money."

    The main thing you need to know is that any direct call to an Iridium phone number is considered an international call. This could expose two limitations. First, your cellular plan may not allow international calls. Second, your cellular provider may not recognize the Iridium country code (8816). Because of these limitations, and the higher cost of international calls, Bill suggests "two-stage calling." Two-stage calling can be the least expensive way to call the aircraft from the USA. Here's how it works. You first dial 1.480.768.2500. Then at the prompt, enter the 12 digit Iridium number (8816.XXX.XXXXX). The calling party is only billed for a domestic long-distance call to Tempe, AZ. The party in the aircraft is only charged for airtime, often just $1.60 per minute or even less, depending on their Aircell Rate Plan. "Compare that to paying for an international call," concludes Bill. "The Aircell team wants to make your calling pleasurable and cost effective."

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