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  Important Aircell News Issue 2 - April 2004  

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Get Free Garmin Bonus with Your Satcom System

Duncan Aviation-Lincoln is Aircell Dealer of the Year

Cordless Handset Now Available

Faxing Solution for Iridium Satellite Network

Aircell Adds Another Technical Support Expert

See Aircell at Leading Industry Trade Shows

Technical Tip about Toll-Free Calling

Get Free Garmin Bonus with Your Satcom System

Act now for your free gift. Order the new Aircell ST 3120 Transceiver for MagnaStar® or ST 3100 System below by June 30, 2004, and get your choice of two Garmin gifts - FREE! Take this opportunity to get reliable global Satcom for a fraction of what you've been paying...

Step 1: Start saving with Aircell Satcom. When you're in flight, you can't afford to be out of touch. But you don't want to pay $4, $6 or $9 a minute to make a phone call from your aircraft. With Aircell, you don't have to. It's easy to add one of our Satcom systems during routine maintenance or when complying with FAA mandates such as DRVSM or TAWS. Save as much as $8 per minute on every call you make! And when you order the Aircell ST 3120 Transceiver for MagnaStar or ST 3100 System by June 30, 2004, you get a new Garmin iQue GPS personal digital assistant or Garmin Rino GPS radio system, FREE!

Step 2: Choose Your Satcom Solution: Choose the ST 3100 System (ST 3100, Iridium antenna, cordless handset and extra handset of your choice, qualifying Silver Service rate plan) for a compact, yet complete Satcom solution. It's ideal for fixed-wing or helicopter operators looking for a cost- effective, reliable communications tool. Or choose our new ST 3120 Transceiver for MagnaStar systems. Compact and easy to install, the ST 3120 expands the capability of a MagnaStar phone - giving you two new channels of global satellite voice and data telecommunications worldwide. Regardless of which Aircell Satcom solution you choose, you get the famous Aircell benefits.

Step 3: Act Now for Your Free Gift! Order either Aircell Satcom solution by June 30, 2004, and get your choice of either the new Garmin iQue 3600 PDA or two Garmin Rino 120 GPS radios, free of charge! For affordable Satcom, call right now: US & Canada east of the Mississippi River, Bill Darbe: 913.780.3488; US & Canada west of the Mississippi River, Dan Prosser: 720.564.0957. Distributed internationally by Avionics Services & DAC International. For helicopters, contact Dallas Avionics.

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  • Duncan Aviation-Lincoln is Aircell Dealer of the Year
  •    Thanks to their outstanding service and sales, Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Neb., was named the Aircell 2003 Sales Dealer of the Year. According to Ron Hall, Avionics Sales Representative at Duncan Aviation, "It is simply a question of value for our customers. Aircell is a known quantity within the aviation industry, and as such, provides the product, the service support and peace of mind our customers demand - and all at a reasonable price. This is exactly what our customers expect from us!" Previous winners of the award were Raytheon Aircraft Services in San Antonio, TX, and Elliott Aviation of Moline, Ill.

    Duncan Aviation is full-capability aircraft service provider with 1,800 employees supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators and other service providers. Aircell commends Duncan Aviation on their excellent avionics department and their service commitment to their customers. Bill Peltola, Aircell Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, "We work hard at Aircell to give the customer the high quality that Duncan Aviation customers have come to expect."


  • Cordless Handset Now Available
  •    Enjoy untethered mobility in the cabin with the new Aircell Cordless Handset. Finally free yourself from tangled, tripped-over cords. With its rechargeable battery and comfortable size, the cordless handset provides you with exceptional new calling convenience. It's even easy to install. This new cordless handset is a direct-fit replacement for our corded handsets, and it comes in the familiar Aircell gray or beige.

    The Aircell Cordless Handset is ideal for any application where you want the freedom to move about the cabin while calling. It's available for shipment, so order yours today.

    See all handsets at

  • Faxing Solution for Iridium Satellite Network
  •    Just the fax, ma'am. Sometimes you just have to see the facts in writing. In that case, nothing but a fax will do. This is especially true for government and business aircraft users, who depend on faxes. While you've always been able to fax over Aircell's USA cellular network, facsimile service hasn't been possible over Iridium's global satellite network - until now.

    Enter the new On-Go uniHub. About the size of a portable CD player, plug in this compact adaptor and start taking advantage of low-cost faxing. The uniHub is compatible with standard fax machines worldwide. Steve Niessner, Senior Applications Engineer at Aircell, recently tested the uniHub with Aircell products and the Iridium network. "The uniHub, in conjunction with On- Go's service, provides yet another capability for Aircell customers' Iridium-based phones," said Niessner, "namely, the ability to send a fax from anywhere on earth, in the air, or on the ground."

    Contact Aircell Sales at

  • Aircell Adds Another Technical Support Expert
  •    With the Technical Support group's recent addition of Ken Klein, dealers and users can count on even more expert answers. A licensed pilot, Ken has "wide knowledge about general aviation and business aviation." He can expertly answer dealers' questions about component location, plus answer users' questions about integrating Aircell systems with PDAs or laptops.

    Formerly with Stevens Aviation, Ken has 18 years of aviation experience, including 9 years of supervising avionics installations, and 5 years of customer support. Holding an A&P (airframe & powerplant) license, Ken has "probably touched every part of the aircraft, at one time or another." When not busy helping you, Ken and his family of 5 enjoy outdoor recreation in Colorado. They ski and snowboard in winter, and off-road in warmer months. So let Ken help with your technical support needs, but let him off the phone once in awhile.

    View Technical Support at

  • See Aircell at Leading Industry Trade Shows
  •    You can see Aircell products and representatives at the leading aviation industry trade shows. Stop by, say hello, see what's new. Aircell will be at LABACE 2004, represented by Avionics Services in their booth. The Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE 2004) is April 15-17 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Next is the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) European 2004 Regional Meeting. This AEA meeting is May 23-24 in Geneva, Switzerland.

    EBACE 2004 immediately follows May 25-27. The European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE 2004) is also in Geneva, Switzerland; see us in booth number 7632. The NBAA Regional Forum is June 24 in Chicago, Illinois. Aircell will also be on hand for this National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Regional Forum. For the rest of our 2004 trade show schedule, be sure to visit our Web site.


  • Technical Tip about Toll-Free Calling
  •    Can Iridium callers reach toll-free numbers? It all depends. "When a company sets up its 800 services, it can choose which calls it will accept, such as free calls from international customers," said Bill Nielson, Aircell Technical Support Manager. "This is not something controlled by Aircell or Iridium."

    "An aircraft with an Iridium phone is like its own 'flying country' - with all calls from the air treated as international calls," he added, "so a call to an 800 number may not connect, depending on who you're calling." One example is Aircell's 888 number, which international callers cannot reach. However, Iridium callers can reach Aircell toll-free by dialing AIR1 (2471). Visit our Web site for more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Technical Tips.

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