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  Important Aircell News Issue 1 - January 2004  

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New Alliances Offer You More Information Inflight

ST 3120 Worldwide Satcom for MagnaStar

Two New Web sites Launched

Network Optimized & Coverage Expands

A New Spin On Helicopter Communications

Aircell Goes Global

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New Alliances Offer You More Information Inflight

To make your inflight time safer and more productive, Aircell and its business partners now offer you an innovative variety of inflight information services, with more to come.

The Airshow Network gives you up-to-the-minute news, sports, stocks, and weather updates. Get custom information from leading content providers such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and ESPN.

Unilink two-way datalink information, as shown above, is also available through your Aircell system. The Universal Avionics system capabilities include flight planning, clearances, automatic position reporting, weather information in text and graphical displays, plus messaging.

Aircell and MedAire have partnered to provide you with medical information and assistance. From their MedLink Global Response Center, MedAire physicians can provide you with timely, life-saving counsel during in-flight medical emergencies. Save lives, reduce risks, and avoid diversions.

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Welcome to the first issue of the Aircell Conference Call. You will receive these electronic newsletter updates from time to time, when Aircell has news and information for you. This is your source for company news, sales and marketing programs, technical information, and other things you need to know.

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  • ST 3120 Worldwide Satcom for MagnaStar
  •   Aircell is expanding its Iridium-based airborne telecommunication product line with the new ST 3120 Satcom for MagnaStar® airborne telephone systems. Aircell's third Iridium Satcom, the ST 3120 transceiver accesses the 66-satellite Iridium constellation for voice and data telecommunications. MagnaStar operators gain seamless dual-channel worldwide Satcom service.

    The two Iridium channels can be used independently or simultaneously. Yes, you can simultaneously use onboard transceivers for other networks - adding new capacity or capability to a MagnaStar system. Interfacing with the MagnaStar C-750 or C-2000 units, the ST 3120 uses the aircraft's existing handsets and cabin communication system. Through February 27, 2004, you can also get a free gift with your ST 3120 order.


  • Two New Web sites Launched
  •   To better serve our worldwide customers and dealers, Aircell has recently launched two new Web sites. Besides the fresh new look, now has lots more of what you're looking for. We've updated the site with detailed information about the company, our technology, and all our products and services. With the new search engine and organization, it's also easier to find the facts you're looking for. Look for lots more news, brochures, downloads, presentations, and other useful information online. Browse the News section for our trade show schedule. Or browse the Service section, which now has Tips, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and user manuals too.

    Certified Aircell dealers have their own Web site at This site is loaded with technical drawings and detailed installation manuals, plus important business supplies and information. Dealers can get a password for the site by calling +1.303.379.0234. See you online.

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  • Network Optimized & Coverage Expands
  •   We've been busy adding new sites and improving performance. In 2003 Aircell activated its 134th site. "The site hands off to all of the Nebraska sites, as well as all of the Kansas sites," said Wes Burnett, Managing Director of Network Engineering and Operations, "giving us the states of Nebraska and Kansas, along with Iowa and Illinois, with contiguous coverage." In fact, above 18,000 feet, continental U.S. cellular coverage is now 95%.

    Over the past 18-24 months, Aircell has made major network improvements. These include 19 new sites, 22 new site handoffs, 120 site upgrades, and plenty of new antennas for improved high-altitude coverage and quality. Since we're talking numbers, did you know that Iridium uses 66 satellites for our "pole to pole" global coverage? Iridium has 14 spare satellites in orbit to ensure continued worldwide service through at least 2014.

    See maps at

  • A New Spin On Helicopter Communications
  •   An Aircell ST 3100 system provides enhanced communications capability for helicopters - anywhere, at any altitude, and for any mission. The first ST 3100 installation was in a Bell 430. Since then, the system has become standard equipment in the Sikorsky S-92 Helibus Civil Transport, as well as an option for the Sikorsky S-76. Another recent installation was in an Agusta A109. In a recent interview with Centennial Aviation & Business Journal, Bill Peltola, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, noted that Aircell has already "established some strong relationships with the corporate helicopter community."

    Helicopter operators appreciate how Aircell's new worldwide Satcom system meets their unique needs. Since most helicopter pilots wear headsets, you may want an external dial capability. To fill that need, Aircell developed a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) interface for the ST 3100. This lets you use an external dialer, such as the NAT PTA12. The NAT dialer not only provides dialing capability, you get increased headset audio volume, helpful in a noisy helicopter. So see us March 15-17 in Las Vegas at Heli-Expo 2004.

    Get 2.1 MB PDF at

  • Aircell Goes Global
  •   With Aircell's Iridium satellite network products, like the AST 3500, you now have global telecommunication capability. With two new Aircell distributor alliances, you can now also get systems and service globally.

    Avionics Services is now the Authorized Aircell Distributor for ST 3100, ST 3120, and AST 3500 systems in Central and South America. DAC International distributes these products in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, plus Mexico. Count on expert sales and service worldwide. Aircell is also CAA, JAA, and LBA certified.

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  • Contact Aircell
  •   Your success is our success. So let us know how we can help you. You can easily contact Aircell by phone, fax, or e-mail. Our main telephone number is +1.303.379.0200 and the fax number is +1.303.379.0201. See the Aircell Web site for additional phone and e-mail contact information.

    You'll also want to make note of your regional sales manager: For Eastern USA and Canada, contact Bill Darbe by phone: +1.913.780.3488 or e-mail:; area of service: East of the Mississippi river, plus Kansas and Missouri, less Wisconsin. For Western USA and Canada, contact Dan Prosser by phone: +1.720.564.0957 or e-mail:; area of service: West of the Mississippi river, less Kansas and Missouri, plus Wisconsin. For the Inside Sales Manager, contact Heidi Dobransky by phone: 888.328.0200 (USA toll free) or +1.303.379.0271 (worldwide). Or contact her by fax: +1.303.926.8970, or by e-mail:

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