Electronic Publishing

Graphic arts & editorial smarts. Just two of the ways Philip Tobias can quickly polish your image in print, or online. From concept through completion, creative versatility means message or marketing muscle for you. How can Philip Tobias help you? Electronic ("desktop") publishing, graphic design and typography, photography and digital imaging, prepress, scanning and imaging, writing and editing. Also project and vendor management, which means juggling service bureaus, printers, labs and the like - to get your projects done when you need them.


- Nationally published four color advertisement.
Graphic design, copywriting,
electronic publishing, and prepress
by Philip Tobias Enterprises.

Publish with Impact - Online or In Print

Deliver your message with impact. Depend on digital publishing prowess since 1984, with five years of daily typographic tasks for a printshop next door. Clients cover corporate, manufacturing, retail and wholesale, special events, politicians, and professional services - everything from consumer advertising to business-to-business marketing. Employ copywriting, editing, electronic publishing, proofreading, and total marketing support for your company. Get effective advertisements, booklets, brochures, cards, catalogs, coupons, database marketing, direct mail, flyers, forms, marketing collateral, newsletters - virtually anything in print. See print samples.

"Based on a ten year professional association,
we are pleased to highly recommend
Philip Tobias for any computer
desktop publishing, writing or editing,
graphic design or photography."
- Westside Printing, Denver, CO

Electronic publishing skills are as current as today's multimedia and the internet. Philip Tobias has created four interactive e-learning programs and numerous websites. Up-to-date knowledge includes HTML (HyperText Markup Language), as well as more exotic technologies used to drive animated and dynamic web pages. With in-house film and flatbed scanners, plus software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Philip Tobias creates stunning GIF or JPEG graphics for web publishing. You can also use his growing collection of specialized internet clipart. Why trust your website to someone without a background in marketing, imaging, writing, and design? Contact Philip Tobias today for web publishing. See web samples.

Electronic Publishing & Design sample

- Four color hardware (inside spread shown) users manual.
Graphic design and electronic publishing,
plus technical writing and photography,
by Philip Tobias Enterprises.

Resources & Resourcefulness

Tap into a type library with thousands of pre-licensed typestyles, from popular vendors like Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, and Monotype; catalogued collections provide fast access to almost any font you desire. Supplementary clipart libraries and subscription services give you access to millions of images, plus custom or stock photography. Philip Tobias can tailor designs to your unique image - whether whimsical, cool, or buttoned-down business basic.

"Phil, the document is looking great!
The printer is ready for us any time within the next 1-2 weeks."
- Professor Jeff Forbes,
publisher of CEDAR Phase III books

From letterpress to prepress. Printing industry knowledge started as a teenager, setting type from job cases by hand. Prepress training has since included the Electronic Imaging and Prepress Forum in Denver, CO. Specialized seminars covered Working with Scans, Color Management Systems, Going to Press (Electronic File Preflighting), Adobe Photoshop: Beginning through Advanced, Photos for Reproduction, and QuarkXPress. Since then Philip Tobias edited the four-color Quark book, A Guide to Color Management and Prepress. Today, Philip Tobias counsels magazines nationwide on how to achieve cross-platform consistency with fonts, graphics, and color reproduction using applications like Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

"I would especially like to thank Phil Tobias
for teaching me the ins and outs of publishing."
- Dedication by Mark Nudelman, printed in
Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA)
2004 Season Program

Writing & Photography

Electronic publishing starts with ideas and words. Philip Tobias has written hard-hitting business copy for over twenty-five years. This includes authoring nationally-published magazine articles since 1975 - features, reviews, and personality pieces for the computer and trade press. Tobias also served as President of the Boulder Writers Alliance. For numerous clients, Philip Tobias has created effective copywriting for advertisements, brochures, direct mail or direct response, internet HTML, newsletters, press releases, sales presentations, telemarketing and video scripts. Extensive editing experience also encompasses tutorial and technical books, plus internet and online publications. See editing and writing samples.

"The guy's a creative maverick... thoroughly professional"
- George Griffin, nationally syndicated columnist
of Grif on Advertising

Photographs by Philip Tobias appear frequently in the above media, plus annual reports, books, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, posters, press kits, public relations, record covers, and television. Published photography or writing credits include Central Readers Service in Ontario, Canada (Book); The Denver Post; Denver Magazine; Distribution Sales and Management; Kodak Studio Light; KMGH-TV; MacGuide Magazine; The MacHonor Bulletin; Pace Newsletter; The Paramount Line; Regis University; Rocky Mac; The Rangefinder Magazine; Rocky Mountain News; Solutions International Newsletter; Security Management magazine; TV Guide; and Westword.

Versatile & Professional

In 1973, Philip Tobias founded Philip Tobias Photo/Graphics in Denver, CO, a full-service communications firm providing photography, copywriting, electronic publishing, and marketing support that he directed, then sold in 1995. Philip Tobias now lives in Boulder, CO, providing you with publishing versatility for Business/Communications.

Contact Philip Tobias for comprehensive electronic publishing services in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.