Marketing & Managing

Marketing grows sales. You don't succeed in business for over 20 years, unless you have effective management and marketing. That success is how Philip Tobias managed to earn expertise in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Advertising and marketing savvy spans corporate, high-tech, manufacturing, nonprofit groups, retail and wholesale, shows and special events, and professional services. Use this know-how to make your sales grow.

"His direct marketing approach is remarkably sophisticated."
- Eastman Kodak Company

Profitable Marketing

Profit from marketing experience with advertisements, brochures, card and coupon promotions, customer relationship management, co-op marketing and sponsorships, plus direct mail. Philip Tobias also started and supervised sales and telemarketing campaigns; everything from hiring, training and supervising the crews, to creating the scripts and visuals for sales presentations.

"The guy's a creative maverick... thoroughly professional."
- George Griffin, nationally syndicated columnist
of Grif on Advertising

Philip Tobias also has extensive experience with new media, including email newsletters, multimedia, and websites. All these are staples of today's marketing. What about database marketing? Choosing capable relational database programs, he designed and maintained client, order and event databases, with dozens of completely customized entry screens, labels, letters, reports, and new sales promotions. Those databases generated significant new annual sales - could you use new clients or bigger sales?

Skillful Management

Business management skills were also earned the old fashioned way, through the hard work founding, directing, and selling a startup business. During 25 years managing various businesses, Philip Tobias earned solid real-world skills for business plans and startups, business administration and management, budgeting, forecasting, tax planning, strategic development, plus of course, marketing and analysis.

Experience also includes human resources, along with contract or freelance talent coordination, training and courseware, vendors and supplies, trouble-shooting and problem solving. Tobias has since managed many high-tech publishing projects, and served as the President of a nonprofit organization. You get real-world business solutions to profit your management and marketing.

Effective Marketing Communications

Philip Tobias has provided marketing communications and support for leading corporations in a variety of industries, including software, hardware, and telecommunications.

In an official Marketing Communications Professional position, Philip Tobias created a wide variety of marketing collateral for a global telecommunications provider. Projects included brochures, data sheets, graphics, mailers, newsletters, trade show signage, and websites. Depending on the project, Tobias contributed all or part of the graphic design, copywriting and editing, and the digital photography. See publishing samples.

"The work you did for me, and Eclipse,
was always excellent."
- Andy Petro, Eclipse Marketing Director

For a leading enterprise software development company, Tobias wrote copy for advertisements, news flashes, and press releases. He also handled their graphic design, prepress, four-color print brokering, and ad trafficking. In addition, Tobias created and produced interactive CD-ROMs for the nationwide user group conferences. The CD-ROM projects involved designing the CD-ROM faces and the program interfaces, creating PowerPoint presentations, and managing the bids and jobs. Other design projects included award-winning product sheets for print and the internet, business forms, marketing mementos, sales proposals, web graphics, plus trade show signs and posters.

Creative Marketing Magic

Creative versatility is a big part of the total marketing magic. Philip Tobias can do it all for you - from initial concept through completion. Solid skills include ad design and typography, electronic publishing and prepress, computers, image scanning, and graphic arts. Effective management of businesses, people, or projects. Public relations. Photography, design, editing, writing. You get it all.

"The Press Release looks very good to me...
Your compliments go mainly to Phil Tobias who is the original author...
Great work, read like a MacWeek article... MacWeek ran our story!"
- Reflex Plus Orphans Association, Members' Comments from America Online

Philip Tobias has been writing hard-hitting business copy for over twenty-five years. Authoring nationally-published articles since 1975, bylines include magazine features, newsletter personality pieces, and reviews for the computer and trade press. For clients in industries like yours, Tobias creates compelling copywriting for ads, brochures, cards, coupons, direct mail or direct response, newsletters, press releases, sales presentations, and websites. Also audio, telemarketing, and video scripts. Can you use creative marketing talent?

Eye-catching Professional Photography

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing with professional photography. Photographs by Philip Tobias appear in ads, annual reports, books, brochures, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, posters, press kits, public relations, record and CD-ROM covers, on television, and on the web.

Eastman Kodak Company featured Philip Tobias in Marketing Professional Photography - "A 'How To' Book on Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations." This special Studio Light advertising book required an extended distribution of 95,000 copies throughout the United States and Canada. Philip Tobias was credited in the Table of Contents, and received a Page 7 profile, as a case study in effective integrated marketing principles.

Versatile & Professional

In 1973, Philip Tobias founded Philip Tobias Photo/Graphics in Denver, CO, a communications firm providing photography, copywriting, desktop publishing, and marketing support that he directed until selling in 1995. Now in Boulder, CO, Philip Tobias provides versatile Business/Communications.

"The [four-color books] came out nice."
- Professor Jeff Forbes,
publisher of CEDAR Phase III books

Marketing material is created on either Windows or macOS computer systems, complete with film and flatbed scanners, and more. Software licenses include Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, QuarkXPress and XTensions, and lots of others. Tobias is also an expert user of Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, and the Microsoft Office suite.

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