E-Learning Development

Don't learn the hard way. Take advantage of Philip Tobias' experience developing award-winning e-learning courses. Besides writing and programming multimedia courseware, Tobias edits training tutorial books. Philip Tobias also wrote and designed workbooks to complement instructor-led classroom training. That broad blended-learning experience makes effective training easy for you.

"Great work on the Sales Order Entry CD-ROM.
This is the kind of thing that will reduce training time,
reduce mistakes, and free up resources for concentrating on
system implementation and improvement."
- Users Group V attendee in Orlando, FL

End-to-End E-Learning Experience

Profit from comprehensive experience. A leading enterprise software development corporation used Philip Tobias to author their multimedia e-learning courseware. This included the development of four computer based training (CBT) programs: Sales Order Entry 1, Sales Order Entry 2, Sales Order Entry 3, and Receivables & Payables. The experience began with the needs assessment and instructional design. That was followed by storyboarding, coding, then guiding the programs through QA and usability testing. Tobias was involved in defining the training objectives, determining the user interactions, and designing the scored quizzes that tested the training outcomes.

E-learning sample

- Award-winning multimedia e-learning series.
E-learning by Philip Tobias.

Philip Tobias also wrote and produced the multimedia segments, including renting soundstages for video production, and renting audio studios for professional quality voice overs. Tobias even designed the packaging and wrote the marketing pieces. Other projects included training workbooks to accompany classroom instruction, online help and technical documentation, plus a variety of website and multimedia development. Sales Order Entry 1, Sales Order Entry 2, and Sales Order Entry 3 each won awards from the Society for Technical Communication.

All Types of Training and Tutorials

Quark, Inc., a global leader in electronic publishing software, hired Philip Tobias to edit a wide variety of documentation, including cross-platform training and tutorials. Training publications included A Preview to QuarkXPress, and the QuarkEd series: QuarkXPress Fundamentals and QuarkXPress Essentials. Designed for use with classroom training, the QuarkEd series gets used by professional training organizations and learners throughout the world.

E-learning sample

- Multimedia software demonstration series.
E-learning by Philip Tobias.

For another enterprise software developer, Philip Tobias created an entire series of multimedia software demonstration programs. These help train customers about how to use a number of the corporation's online applications. Because Tobias also developed the online help for the apps, the multimedia demos are integrated with the help systems, so customers can conveniently play the demonstrations alongside the apps. This gets users up to speed quickly.

An E-Learning & Publishing Industry Leader

Over 20 years ago, Philip Tobias cofounded the Denver Metro E-Learning Developers (DMELD) group. This professional association once had over 600 members in Colorado and around the world. The DMELD group was originally known as the Denver Metro Authorware Users Group (DMAUG). Tobias continued serving the organization as its email list moderator and sponsorship coordinator, and helped arrange numerous public training programs.

E-learning sample

- Award-winning multimedia e-learning series.
E-learning by Philip Tobias.

Tobias was also honored to serve as a Past President of the Boulder Writers Alliance (BWA). Philip Tobias led the nonprofit organization, produced events, and coordinated public relations with the media. In addition to editing and writing press releases and news stories, Tobias developed a new online database and other website content. Philip Tobias has also conducted "expert sessions," leading training presentations at three of BWA's annual Expo events. The sessions included training on Adobe Photoshop, HelpLogic, and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Award-Winning Expertise

Get proven, award-winning expertise. The Society for Technical Communication (STC) has repeatedly honored Philip Tobias' work. STC awards include an Award of Merit for Promotional Materials that Tobias designed, plus two Awards of Excellence for Online Communications with Tutorials and Training.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication has frequently used Philip Tobias as an Online Publications Competition judge. In this role, Philip Tobias has had the opportunity to review and rank online training and other media from many famous organizations.

Versatile & Professional

Today, Philip Tobias lives in beautiful Boulder, CO, extending his remarkable versatility in Business/Communications. E-learning development is done on either Windows or macOS computer systems, complete with dual monitors, film and flatbed scanners, and more. With a long background in electronic publishing, plus writing, and websites, Tobias is the perfect answer for all your online learning needs.

Software used for e-learning development includes Adobe Captivate, the Adobe Creative Suite (including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Animate), the Articulate suite of apps for rapid e-learning development, the Microsoft Office Suite (including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Visio), OmniGraffle Professional, and all the leading web browsers used for online e-learning deployment.

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