Computer Consulting

A computer guru for you. A digital original in 1984, means the sage answers you need in 2022 and beyond. From the original Macintosh to today's Windows expertise, Philip Tobias helps you with needs assessment, installations, troubleshooting, cross-platform integration - plus training and documentation.

"Thank you for documenting the situation...
[so we can] make the changes for the next release."
- Borland Software Corporation

Cross-Platform Computer Authority

A nationally respected macOS authority, and cross-platform software alpha/beta-tester, Philip Tobias has provided computer consulting services to consumers and businesses since 1989, and used business computers since 1984 - over 35 years of experience!

E-learning sample

- Award-winning multimedia e-learning series.
Computer training by Philip Tobias.

That broad background brings familiarity with every class of application software: business enterprise management; databases; electronic publishing and graphic design; draw, paint and illustration programs; imaging and OCR; online help systems; multimedia, including audio and video file formats and codecs; scripting languages; system software from the original Macintosh in 1984 to today's macOS - plus Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and now Windows 10 and 11; spreadsheets; utilities; word processing; World Wide Web sites.

"Your questions and recommendations were helpful
in choosing the most appropriate computers
...and spreadsheet, writing, and other programs.
This corporation is pleased with your knowledge.
We would be happy to refer your
services to other businesses."
- The Discriminating Palate

Philip Tobias assisted a leading enterprise software developer's Technical Support Department and customers with hardware issues, Windows system software and multimedia, plus e-learning support. He has also furnished online technical support to hundeds of users nationwide during political campaigns. Tobias also provides technical writing services. Technical writing experience encompasses installation guides, users manuals, online help, plus software developers manuals, including application programming interface (API) documentation.

Software Fluency

Windows and macOS software fluency adds up after using applications including Adobe Captivate, Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Acrobat Professional and Distiller, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop), Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Audacity, Doc-O-Matic, Eclipse Platform, HelpLogic, and Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, Visio, PowerPoint), and so on.

Software fluency also includes Microsoft Internet Explorer and all other major Web browsers, Norton Utilities, OmniGraffle Professional, Parallels, QuarkXPress and XTensions, Quark Publishing System, RoboHelp HTML, System Software & Utilities, TechTool Pro, and VueScan.

Tobias Provides Personal Training

- Philip Tobias Provides Personal Training.
Photograph by Ross Flaven.

Hardware Capability

Hardware knowledge covers CPUs, RAM, VRAM, DVDs or CD-ROM drives and high-speed duplicators, Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks, fax/modems, FireWire and USB, graphics tablets, fixed and removable media harddrives, inkjet and laser printers, monitors, multimedia microphones & mixers, SCSI chains, scanners, and stuff like that.

"One time when I had a recurring problem with my system,
Philip amazed me with a fast answer
that no one else had been able to provide...
Philip was able to direct me to the root cause."
- Richard R. Stein

A long way from his original 128K Mac in 1984, today Tobias sports a slick MacBook Pro system accessorized with dual monitors, film and flatbed scanners, plus laser and archival inkjet printers. All that and a Wi-Fi networked Windows system too. Still he lusts for more.

Electronic Publishing Expertise

Electronic publishing and digital imaging are Philip Tobias specialties. As a Business/Communications professional doing photography, graphics, editing and writing, Philip Tobias was among the first to use computers for publishing. Electronic publishing skills are as up-to-date as the internet - using (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and in-house professional color scanning to create numerous Web sites.

Early digital training came from the Electronic Imaging and Prepress Forum in Denver, CO. Specialized seminars covered Working with Scans, Color Management Systems, Going to Press (Electronic File Preflighting), Adobe Photoshop: Beginning through Advanced, Photos for Reproduction, and QuarkXPress. Since then Tobias edited the four-color Quark book, A Guide to Color Management and Prepress. Today, Philip Tobias counsels magazines nationwide on how to achieve cross-platform consistency with fonts, graphics, and color reproduction.

"Phil Tobias beat me to it. Basically, what I had to say is what he already answered."
- Timeworks, Inc.,
Publish-It! Technical Support

Philip Tobias regularly shares his training and technical support expertise in numerous online forums. Tobias has also done work for many computer industry books and publications, such as MacGuide Magazine, The MacHonor Bulletin, Palm Computing Resource Guide, Rocky Mac User Group Magazine, and the Solutions International Newsletter.

E-learning sample

- Multimedia software demonstration series.
Computer training by Philip Tobias.

Versatile & Professional

Database marketing is another specialty. Database dexterity runs from program selection, file structure, customization, data input, maintenance, online help, and training on a relational business database. Philip Tobias recently designed and implemented a searchable membership database and online registration form for the Boulder Writers Alliance.

"Mr. Tobias, Thanks for the computer info!
Between your information and the CD tutorial,
I was able to figure it out. Thanks Again."
- Jeff Gazaway, The Mail Station, Boulder, CO

In 1973, Philip Tobias founded Philip Tobias Photo/Graphics in Denver, CO, a full-service communications firm providing photography, copywriting, plus electronic publishing and marketing support that he directed, then sold in 1995. For sage advice, contact this computer guru today.

Contact Philip Tobias for Macintosh or Windows training, technical writing, and hardware or software documentation in Boulder or Denver, Colorado.